The Players of the Shattered Bridge take upon the roles of the River’s Watch, one of the three military factions with in the city of River’s End. A point of light if you will, in a world filled with darkness.

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:24 pm Post subject: Welcome to River’s End River’s End is a sprawling wooden walled city broken up into four distinct districts, the outside (farms, tent cities, merchants, and traders who live outside the walls. This is a semi slum, the poor who can’t afford the taxes are shoved out here. The River’s End Militia (the military) and the River’s Watch (you all), both keep offices out here, as both have small walled training faciilities out in the empty areas.

On the inside of the First wall (a massive wooden wall), is the outer city, home to the trades, the citisens, and the middle class of the city. This is home to the Street of Temples, on the edge of the docks is a major outdoor marketplace. The River’s Watches houses and it’s handful of watch houses are scattered threw the inside wall. Though the Militia guards all the major gates.

The docks are the third section, filled with warehouses and great vessels, it sits on the outside of the walls though this is also home to the River Runners’ the handful of ships which make up the Navy of River’s End (defending against River Pirates, and other hostile threats from the Waters).

Finally there is the Inner Circle, home to the River Baron and the nobles and richest of merchants, only about 2 dozen mansions exist in the inner circle all of which circle around the Baron’s keep, which houses the Lords of the River, the noble guard of River’s End and the rivals to the River’s Watch.

The River’s Watch, is a cross between detectives, elite troops and scouts and rangers, handling many of the problems the city has in it’s walls. Two of the mansions in the inner wall currently belong to “members” of the River’s Watch, one is the River’s Watch Commander August Tempest, and the the other is one who simply struck it wealthy after defeating a major fleet of Pirates, a Tiefling known as One Eye.

The Shattered bridge